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Brianna is a happy, loving, funny, silly, beautiful little girl
who would love her brother very much!!

Brianna's Story!

 After five years and of a complete life change things were looking up. On August 1, 2000 I went into the hospital to have exploratory surgery to find out why I was having so much pain in my stomach. They did not find anything except my tubes were blocked and they fixed that. It was good and not so good news it didnt answer the question of why I had pain.
 After recovering from the surgery I went back to my life. I worked with my soon to be husband, Brent. On October 1 I went to the doctor for a check up and found out I was pregnant. I was so afraid it was hard to be excited, but I was happy and hopeful that this time things were going to be different, and boy were they. I had to go to the doctor every other week to keep a check on how I was doing. Again I needed to get to 12 weeks then 20 weeks. Everything seemed to be going normal until the morning Brent was to leave with his family on vacation. At 8:00am I got up to tell him bye he was going to be gone for a week. At this time I am at 20 weeks (to the day). I went to the bathroom to potty and there was blood, my heart dropped I calmly went to the bedroom and told Brent we needed to go to the doctors office. We got there about 8:45 am . They took me to the sonogram room and looked it only took a minute when the doctor told me not to move and told the nurse to call the ambulance. By this time we are so afraid we are asking questions and not getting many answers. The doctor finally told us that I had dilated to a 4 and was close to my water breaking they were going to rush me into surgery to try to put a cerclage in. Cerclage is a stitch they put in your cervix to keep it closed. They normally do not do this when you have dilated this far but they wer going to try, and it worked I had to stay in the hospital a few days and when I was released I was on bed rest. I had to continue to go to the doctor every other week for stress test and regular checks. At about 31 1/2 weeks the stress test was showing there were some contractions so they again sent me to the hospital and I recieved steroids to help the babies lungs. Now instead of going to the doctor I have to go to the hospital daily to be monitored for contractions. This went on until I was 33 weeks that day was like the rest except when I got to the hospital that morning I told the doctor I thought my water had broke he checked and said no after 6+ hours being monitored they checked again and confirmed my water had broke. This is a small town hospital, but I and the doctors thought it would be fine to deliver the baby there. They removed the stitch at 6:00  as soon as Brent arrived and at 10:55 a beautiful baby girl as born CRYING 3 lb 12 oz she was so small they let me hold her for a minute and took her to the nursery. We named her Brianna Michelle. They told me I had to be able to walk before I could go see her so within an hour I was up ready to go. The night went well but the next day they told us she had pneumonia, jaundice and needed oxgyen. Once again we were so afraid she was here and we still felt helpless. They transferred her to the North Carolina Babitist Hospital to Brenners and she recieved surfctant to help her lungs, stayed there until she was off her oxgyen.
  Brianna is now 4 and full of energy and life she is a blessing and a miracle to us and all that meet her. She knows about her angel brother Nicholas and talks about and ask about him often, she says she wants to see him and play with him. It breaks my heart and makes me smile at the same time. I have no doubt that he was wathching over his baby sister and still is.

Madison is a sweet, loving, happy, silly, gorgeous little girl
who would have been in all the trouble with her big brother

Madison's Story

I thought this time things would be different we knew what went wrong and what almost went wrong with previous pregnancys. I was right it would be different but still stressful. When I found out I was pregnant with Madison we went to the doctor to make plans to make this pregnancy eaiser. The doctors said at 12-14 weeks he would put the stitch in to keep me from dilating and help me carry the baby longer. But before we got there lots more happened. Within a week of finding out I was pregnant I started to spot I called the doctor he said some women do not to worry unless it was bad. So it did stop after a week or so. When I was about 9 weeks I got up to get ready for work and get Brianna ready for daycare, but I didnt feel well and it was a different feeling than I had been having when I was sick I called out for Brent but before he could get to me I had passed out on the floor of the kitchen, I woke up to Brianna leaning over me calling Mommy and Brent looking with a frightned look on his face I got up and we took Briana to daycare and went to the doctor after they talked with me and left the room I told Brent it was coming on again and before he could get the doctors I passes out again and this time had a seizure the doctors rushed back in to wake me and then had me transported to the hospital where they ran ever test they could think of. The doctors would not let me go home until all test were back, when the test did come back they all showed everything was normal. I was released to go home but on bed rest. At 11 weeks I woke up in the middle of the night sick and it kept getting worse, I could not get out of bed, Brent called 911 and they rushed me back to the hospital I was sick and having stomach pains. The sonogram did not show anything so they decided to do surgery to see if it ws my appendix. It was a cist that had been on one of my tubes and had flipped. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and was released again on bed rest. At 14 weeks we had the stitch put in without any problems. We made it to 31 weeks without anymore events I was getting shots every week to try to make my cervix stronger and got my steriods for her lungs at about 20 weeks. But at 31 weeks labor pains started, the doctors were not picking them up on there machine so they sent me to the hospital to be checked, their machine showed small contractions nothing that they had to keep me for so I was sent home again. I would return everyday for the next 3 days the doctor finally said I could not go home untl I had my baby about 8 hours later on my way to the potty my water broke. This time they did not want a preemie of mine born there after the problems with Brianna. I was sent to a hospital about 30 miles away where they deal with problem births and pregnancys. At 11:55 am a beautiful 4 lb 7 oz baby girl was born MADISON PAIGE. She stayed in the NICU for 8 days and that was because of her age only. She is now 17 months and doing well.

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